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Microscope Mounts for Smartphones and Tablets

We have created a simple to use, inexpensive mount that fits over the eyepiece of a microscope, to perfectly position your smartphone or tablet for the capture high-resolution photomicrographs and video. The downstream applications are limitless: capture photos and video to share with clinical colleagues, fellow researchers, residents, students and others. 




The J-Mount

Our first mount developed, this apparatus supports a smart phone in a landscape orientation for the capture of images from a binocular microscope via the left eyepiece.

The eyepiece holder is designed to accommodate eyepieces either from 2.6 to 3.6 cm in diameter or more than 3.6 cm in diameter. 

An adjustable platform accounts for the position of the camera on the back of the smartphone. A thumbscrew allows the user to finely tune their mount for best performance.

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The M-Mount

A customized mount for iPads. For inquires, please contact me.